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"The Jimmy Crucifix way to get a Dean Michael Schenker Left Handed V"



This is sorta the way things went!... Sat Oct 18th Barbara Schenker Called me from her cell phone Back Stage
from a Scorpions - Michael Schenker Show in England (2008). She Passed the Phone over to Her Brother Michael
while I was working on the MS guitar, so he made me the official Dean Michael Schenker Lefty guy! I only worked
on the guitar in my spare time on the weekends. During the week the polyurethane had drying time and coats applied.
Also this gave the set neck joint glue time to dry and set.  I wet sanded and re-coated on wednesday nights after work.
This was a bolt-on neck and it is now a glue and set neck model solid as a rock. I left the plate w/screws for extra support.
When I played it Live Nov 1,  you could still smell the paint! it is still cureing and I will apply the final coats soon!
This was a very fun project and the results are rewarding to me and the guitar plays & sounds great!    Jimmy

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Fri Oct 17th / Route & Drill

Fri Oct 17th / Mask & Fill

 Sat Oct 18th / Paint & Clear Coat

Fri Oct 24th / Wet Sand

Sat Oct 25th / File Frets & Polish

Sat Oct 25th / Wax & Check Parts

Fri Oct 31 / Shield & Prep

Fri Oct 31 / Electronics

Fri Oct 31 / Pickups

Fri Oct 31 / Adjustments & Set up

10/31/08 2 Back Plates!

The Final Product!

Happy Halloween!

Sat Nov 1st  / In the case to go!

Sat Night Nov 1st @ the Gig!

Get Your Wings!
I Earned My Wings!!!
Thanks to Tony @ Dean Guitars
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